Here today, gone tomorrow. How your e-mail could be losing you business!

It may seem trivial to some, more so to business’s whom operate outside of the tech realm or those pop up eBay companies. But in my mind, if your email address doesn’t look the part you could be losing business!

One of the major pitfalls here is… you wouldn’t even know, because they won’t contact you in the first place. I see a lot of business’s with well formed websites and vehicles with decals promoting said business which look great and then you see it, the burner email address if you were to twin this with the only vocal communication of a mobile number. In my mind this wouldn’t instill trust, thus losing credibility.

Outlook, Thanks, But no thanks!With the use of burner accounts such as, and so on there isn’t an appearance of consistency. These accounts can be dropped within minutes and replaced which may give the potential customer a “here today, gone tomorrow” feeling. If you’re seen to be using a named domain email address it suggests stability, and instills confidence it also makes it easier for the potential customer to identify and find you in a digital term. Going to isn’t going to allow me to review your website, your products or even maybe your guarantees. These aren’t just my own personal view either google surveyed businesses that started out with personal email addresses whom then in turn switched to an address with a registered domain in the later stages. 60% of those businesses reported an increase in client engagement and another 42% reported and increase in sales!

(Source: Click Here, Pages 7 & 42)


These are big numbers for relatively minor change, and something you may or already be paying for…. going from to brings in a new factor of trust.

Google, Thanks, But no thanks!


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